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African,north,south American wildlife taxidermy art and sculptures

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Shipping in North America

Shipping hunting trophies within North America to Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC  is not complicated, it’s quite easy.

If the skin is NOT fleshed and salted and only frozen solid, then you MUST ship it by next day air unless you are within the state of Montana or bordering the state, then regular UPS will do.

If the skin is salted and NOT dried, it MUST be shipped by 2nd or even 3rd air but there must be a lot of salt on the hide.

If the skin is salted and dried or in the case of furs that are just air dried, you can ship it by regular UPS or even USPS as long as you have a tracking number on the packages.

On the shipping container, you must use a leak proof box or otherwise UPS and FEDEX will not deliver it–they are a little weird.

For most items coming out of Alaska and Canada, I recommend wax fish boxes and wrapped with duct tape . They do not leak and can hold the largest of brown bears with no problem.

For all shipments within the USA and even ALASKA and Canada, I would recommend going to the store and buy a plastic tote with the lid. Place the hide in the tote, place some paper inside to absorb any fluids from the hide,  place lid on it and drill holes into the lid edges into the tote’s edges and secure with plastic zip ties and then wrap with duct tape for some of the zip ties will break unless you buy the good ones with wire embedded into the plastic.

On some shipments with alligators, some will just go buy a plastic coolers . Place the skin it with some newspaper and wrap with a lot of duct tape.

When shipping antlers, the skull must be cut in half. , I cut up old lawn hose for  the tips of the  antlers or place cardboard over moose and caribou and then wrap in duct tape. Then the two sides are tape together and  then wrapped in bubble wrap. For horns-sheep-antelope-just wrap and place in box.

Place all paper work, tags, copies of import, export and contact info on the INSIDE of the package, placed in water proof plastic bag, do not place on the outside to adverisize what the package hold, I just do not trust some people.

Write Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC address on the side and on the top with a felt marker but leave room for the shipping label. Insure the package by stating the contains are a HUNTING TROPHY. Do not state exactly what the hunting trophy is, it’s none of their business.

Always ship on a Monday so it has all week to be delvered  on the salted and dried items and up to the middle of the week  for next day air for they don’t delver on weekends

Contacts Capp’s Taxidermy Studio by phone, text or by email with the tracking number when the package is shipped so I can track it and be on the lookout for it

When the shipment comes into the studio, Capp’s will contact you stating it’s in our hands and even take a pix of the shipment for you.


Taxidermy is fine art.

There is good art and bad art , the same goes for taxidermy.

We have all seen the good and bad. The only thing about taxidermy is that , that animal gave it’s all to be there. With paint or clay, you can always just start over , the same with taxidermy but with some differences .

Some people will say that taxidermy is not a art form, they are so closed minded that they can not see out of the box. They think that you must be using a brush or clay to create their art. Well I hate to tell this type of people that the good taxidermist use those items and a hell of a lot more. At Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC we use hand brushes and airbrushes with acrylic, water and lacquer paints to finish the mounts but before any of that happens, we start with a form that must be molded,carved and sculpted for the pose out of urethane form. welded in all thread for strength , then molded with clay for all the muscle detail on the whole form. Then its time to prep the tanned skin and that alone takes a good while.

With the great artist, they must see it in their minds before doing it with their hands. Same with the wildlife taxidermist artist, we see and plan it out in the mind. If you don’t see and feel it, you will never be one of the best. The proof is in the pudding so to say.

When you bring or send your trophy into a taxidermist artist. like Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC, he should be putting out ideas on  your ideas on how it will look the best, how he should sculpt the form, the base with habitat. So like I tell my clients, if you can put their ideas in my mind,it will be done with some of my twists.

If the wildlife taxidermy art doesn’t look alive or so to speak, wink at you, its not good taxidermy art. All my clients are given the choice of action. I tell them they will have to look at this for a long time so why not have action in the pose instead of just staring into space. I also tried to tell them to place in other critters into the scene, like for example a mt goat bedded down on the rocks and having some blue grouse walking around it. it all in the imagination.

Open your mind and experience all the great art especially the wildlife taxidermy art .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





The above photo’s are of a waterbuck, taken in Africa and crafted by Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC.

Everything is about the details. If your work completed by your taxidermist has no details, then it’s time to look around for one that does.


You have now harvested a great trophy and you know that you want to do a shoulder mount but you would like to do something with the rest of the hide.

There are numerous  things that can be done with the back half of the hides, the feet and the tail.

For the back skins,you will have to tan them and for examples , you could made rugs as is or with two colors of felt sewn to them or add in other colors of hides and you can make a wild looking rug.

The skins can also be made into custom made furniture. A chair made out of your kudu or zebra or whatever would ready standout in any room.

One can also have pillows made out of the skins ,which are very nice for any room of your home.

If you are doing a pedestal mount on a panel base , one can replace a wood panel with the hides , which are very nice looking.

Leather can be made out of the extra hides. Done in a variety of colors. Once completed the leather can be made into garments, drink coasters, hats,etc, etc…

The feet can be made into lamps, tables, stools, etc and as for the tails off some AFrican game, they make jewerly,dusters,etc.

Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC can do almost all of your accessories. If you have no idea on what can be done, just ask the taxidermist or my designer.   Have all your trophies taken care of under one roof By the professionals.!!

The accessories you can do is only limited to your thoughts….

Happy holidays

Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC  would like to wish everyone a great holiday  .

Capp’s always have items up for sale that are not on the web site,  which are hides, furs, horns, skulls, and all types of mounts that all already done or can be custom done.

For one of the most professional studio in the world, we take care of our clients needs– from shipping to clearing international  shipments to custom made work of art.

Have a great time.


Here is Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC QR code.

These items are so cool. Try it out…


Trophy Room Design

You want to display your hunting trophies in the matter that will show them off the best, define their best features. Then you have to create a plan to do that.

Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC has many years of experence in this field. We also have a interior designer to anwser any of your other questions too.

One can just do a little to define the features. Just like redoing a room with new paint, or placing up new 1/2 wood and 1/2 rock,. Or one can do special effect paint on the wall and ceiling. placing in new lighting like spot lighting,canned or puck lights to add shadows on the wall. Then you could just buy some art. grass,trees to add the the room.

One can just have scenes painted behind the game,like mountains,sunsets,jungles,etc…

If you want to can go all out and add on to the house with high ceiling, a hardwood floor,maybe a river rock wall

One should always have a trophy as the main feature of the room. It could be in the middle of the room as a pedestal or the main one on the wall and the others surround it. It could be a pair of elephant tusks  as you come into the room. It could be a lifesized critter in the miidle of the room so everyone can walk around it and see it from different angles with lights just highliting it. It can be anything.

If you realtiy want to go crazy, then build a rock mountain like some sports store have with everything on the rock. Like Mtn. Goats looking down at the top, then have sheep,bears, etc on it and everyone will be noticing the work piece.

In other words, you must use your imagaination and trust the professionals at Capp’s and we will draw up poster boards of the rooms, show you what different types of woods,tiles,etc that will show off your menories the best.

Life is short. Don’t you want to surround yourself with items that will make you happy or do you just want so-so…


Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC is now a USDA approved estblishment.

All international shipment(s and even if you need it to ship down trophies in the the USA ) can and will be cleared in the studio .

The fee for this service depends on what the shipment is . If 3 or more trophies are mounted here, then the service is free. If you only have one or two trophies done then there will be a charge. If no trophies are mounted at Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC or just skulls cleared throught the studio, then you will be charged the full rate.

Before you go,contact Capp’s and we will provide laminted shipping tags for the trophies you will be harvesting. Or one can always tell the export shippers over there to ship to the instructions given to you by Capp’s.

All shipments will be ran throught US customs at the Seatac Wa. port and then trucked to Capp’s where the studio will boil and prepare any items that will need atention,mainly swine and primates. Then I will ship the items to one one the great tanneries that the studio uses, which are great in all aspests of a tan.

So Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC is ONE OF THE MOST PROFESSIONALLY taxidermy studio in the nation. All serves are done under our roof,except for the tanning and I only use the nations best. We mount all of our trophies,have the beetles to clean the skulls,do all our own rugs,birds, retiles and fish with unbelviealbe artisty and realistic turnaround. Will work with our interior designer for you trophy room or just your house. All wooden bases are designed and built here and now we clear your shipments . NOTHING IS SUBCONTRACTED OUT at Capp’s, not like most taxidermy studios. I know of some shops that do nothing but sub work out, so the real artist is never recognized.

Next time you are in need of a true artist—not all are created equal– contact Capp’s, you will not be sorry………………..



Mtn Lakes

In the summer in Montana, there is nothing better than hiking into the many Mtn lakes in the area. Its the best way to stay or get into shape, not just for the summer but for life.

Many will hike into the lakes like myself and mark it on to the GPS , sit down and eat lunch or a high energy snack , take some pictures with the one that you walked into it with and off you go, back to the trail head or up or down to the upper or lower lake in that chain you are on. The main rush for me anymore is the hike, the mental commitent, the physical  part of it  on walking uphill for hours and miles  a time in the summer heat.

Some do all the above and then will put toghter a pole and start to fish for the native cutthroat trout in the lakes. Most everyone that fishes will catch some of the trout, most will be under 12” in length and I would say about 90% of the fishermen will catch and release the fish. Some will catch the trout and start a small fire and cook them right there on a open fire and eat the high in protein meal for lunch. And then some will catch them and pack them out to eat at home but the only thing wrong with this is that that fish will start to soften up and to spoil on the long walk out in the sun , but some will be on horse back and should have the fish out of the bush and on ice within a hour or so.

If you do happen to connect on a large trout or a different type of trout like a golden trout or to just to have a memories of the trip with a friend or family memeber, then one will have to roughly measure the length and the width of the fish, release it back into the high mtn lake and once back into the commutiy, bring or call the measurements into a professional taxidermy firm like Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC and we will take great care into making that menery for you.

Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC only uses the best repo’s on the market today with fins that are flexible, bodies that have action in them and in no way look fake or plastic. They are the best ! And then i will professionally  paint the fish back to life with bottom coat of  laquer paints and a top coat of a high gloss enamel, all out of a airbrush

Just bring , call or email the measurements to us with a picture of it or just a description on the colors of the trout so I can paint it back to the same color of the fish that you released back into the lake and will hang on your wall or sit on the table for years to come and everytime you see that great repo done by Capp’s, you will think of that day you hiked miles into that high mtn lake and smile….Go have fun………………………..


The main part of life is being able to handle whatever comes your way . If it’s in work or on a adventure of a lifetime. One must be in good physical shape, in good health and maybe the most important is having a great mental commitment. I think if you are in so-so shape and in good health and have a great mental commitment then you will be able to do most of what you need to do. If you are hunting brown bear or sheep and the environment is less than friendly but you have a great mind set then you can over come the situations and the weather to harvest your game. I’m not saying that if you weigh 300 lbs and smoke 3 packs a day that if you have a good mind set that you will endure. No you must be physically fit ,be in good health and have the mind set for success. If you are going to apply for that special tag or to buy that hunt up north or a safari then you must start to apply your self to being in condition, both in mind and body.

It’s time to get in shape, if not for the hunt than for you to live longer. Start by walking and then hiking and then to the gym or buying a weight machine like bowflex. You do not have to look like Arnold but just to stay trim and fit. learn what the body can and cannot do. Learn how the body works with certain proteins and vitamin’s.

If you spent the money for adventure, then you do not want to get sick or have blisters or torn muscles and have no success, no you want to have fun,stay up with the pace of the adventure and to be successful, just to have great menories of the harvest and not memories of pain and defeat.

I , myself think that mental commitment is very important along with the physical part too. I live to hike in the mountains and to do that I work out by walking miles a day–to work- , to workout on my bowflex for x amount of time everyday and to contesting eating right with all the stuff that works for my body.

The same goes for when you harvest that special game critter, or fish. You must decide on the taxidermist  that yu0u would like to use and it dose not have to be the good old boy down the street. Here at Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC  we strive to be very professional and talented to complete any task sent our way. Its all in the mental staes. I can see the mount in my mind before I start the mount so I will know how and what to do when it comes to life and I am always willing to improvise on any given situation that may arise.

Use only commitment taxidermist for your works of art. Judge them on the experience, years in the business, full time  stats, and their professionalism–do they run a full time studio outside their home or do they have a day job and do it out of their garage and their rates. So charge way to much cuz of their overhead. Pick the one that will work the best for you–Try Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLc and see the different…..