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When have a mount done I try to tell the client to spruce it up instead of have a mount just looking into space, have it in action and with something else in with it. One with a shoulder mount you can go with just the mount on the wall like 95 percent do or you can add some habitat with it. Like grass or colored leaves, small driftwood or weathered limbs with moss on them and some different size rocks, some ice or snow or whatever the habitat was where you harvested the trophy. I have done deer eating apples of a limb or hogs with cactus . On life mounts you can do a lot of different things,like having bears fishing in a stream, running through water closed mouth or with a fish or a bone or have a larger predator chasing a smaller predator or having a mt. Goat bedded with blue grouse feeding around it. Bring in your trophy into a professional taxidermist that will work for you and has the experience for these types of mounts like Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC and have them tan it and while it’s getting tanned, you can decide on how you want it done by deciding on the space you want to take up, by going to the search engines and looking up the species online and on what other game you want in the scene. You want to use your imagination for you are going to be looking at this mount for a long time and you want it look at every time and go WOW, what a mount !!

Measuring Horns

When a hunter harvests a animal with a above average size antlers or horns, they should have them measured for one or two of the record books. I, myself , I like SCI book over Boone and Crockett book . One reason is that SCI does not do deductions for one side different from the other side,that is what the real world is. B&C takes off for not being perfect and it’s only for North America game,SCI is a world book. They are pretty close in the way they measure North America game and in the final cost. But I myself I’m prejudice for I’m a master measurer for SCI, which means I passed courses in days time and I can score and do score game that makes the top ten in SCI record book. The book is there for the main reason of showing where the game was taken in world,by whom,guided or not and when so when looking into an area you want to hunt, you can look up if any trophy size game came out of that area. Once you have made the minimum score , marked the way it was taken,bow,gun,etc..,then you pay a low fee and you can also buy a medal medallion — bronze, silver or gold–depending on the score or the game, and once it clears the scoring committee you are in the book. Then you can brag that you have taken a book animal. And not many have. So if you want to get in the books one must have luck,be picky and only take mature animals, and you must have it scored by a measurer like Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC. Go hunting and have fun and maybe you might get lucky and take a big one.

Banner link


This is the banner link for Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC that is given free to other web site for exchange for their. The secret to a successful web site is web traffic. The more hits you get, the better racking on the search engines. On most the popular search engines my site – is on the first page but for the main search engine my site was on the first page but its now on the second page and that is why you have to do things like trade links,blogs,facebook,post pictures,etc anything that will get traffic moving through the sites. You have to run your sites like you run a business,professionally. If you look at mine you will see its first class all the way but most sites do not have a link page and if they do its text only and I think the banners are much more professionally looking-a picture is worth a thousand words. And when you ask other site to trade some will never reply,some say already have a taxidermist which right there is no way to run a business, who cares if you have one, its free, and the more professionally looking sites you have, the more traffic you will get to the sites, and maybe 1 out of 1000 hits just might want to use your service and thats a big win for your business but some will never get it and stay boring. The trading of banner links is the best way to advertise, most are free but if you want a lot of traffic on some site they will charge you. If you do that, do the research and see how many hits they get a day and if the location and price is right,do it on a trail move and see if it works. On my site ,I can go to the back panel and see where the traffic comes from and see which links work and the ones that don’t. Most of all my links are located on many hunting/fishing sites all around the world and I know for a fact that some of those sites have book hunts/fishing trips thanks to my site and vice versa. So it does work, you just have to work on it and just because you have a site, does not mean you can take it for granted but we all do. So if you see this on another site,click it and come in for a visit….

Status quo

That phrase best describes myself. I am always going against what the majority thinks. In the hunting/taxidermy world, most think that you can only go or do local game. Take for example a few years ago I traveled down south and harvested a very nice alligator and mounted it swimming with fish swimming around it on a pedestal
,(can be veiwed in the gallery at Then it’s displayed behind my counter and some people that come in will say who would ever go hunt something like that–talk about closed minded people!!!- and I hardy ever tell those people that it was I . But the truth is, it was great for business cuz I had some great clients in and saw the mount and went that way to harvest one and had a great time, so they get a great trophy , memories and I get in new business.I have done that type of business quite afew times where others will go on those types of hunts and bring the trophy back to Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC.I enjoy doing that, I like the new adventures,different cultures,people and usually bring home critters that people from my part of the world never seen before. You have to think out of the box and go against the grain. Life is to short to be dull and boring all time. I work Hard for my money ,like a lot of my clients do, so I get to decide on how I would like to spend it and I like to be a adventurist . Who cares what others think, when I decide to go on the next adventure,I never say a word to anyone other than my family and they cannot say a word to anyone. When some clients see it up and being mounted, that when they say who,what and where and my policy at the studio is I never say who the trophy belongs to,its just a security issue. So my advise is to go against status quo and live your life ,it’s to short to please everyone, go have an adventure….

Game Draws

If you like to hunt for big game,for big deer,elk or for the big 3– moose,sheep,goat then you must apply for the limited tags available in your state and if you are really hardcore,then you apply for other western states too. If you draw a tag then you hire a guide or go on your own and go on a great adventure . Do your research,call the biologist in that area,scout if you could and have fun. Most the hunters I know always apply for thier own state and would never apply for other states for many reasons like no time,the money,etc. The clients that do apply for other states other than thier own many go after one or two species like the three different sheep or elk. The fees for most the states are small amounts until you draw and some states are all fees up front and that can get very expense. Most states give out bonus points and that is why we all apply. And then with the points and a lot of luck, you draw that tag and the adventure begans. Then you have to research and find a great taxidermist for that once in a life time trophy by calling,looking online like and following through with the one to decide to use. Remember you cannot complain if you do not apply so apply for everything you can afford to do. Good luck.

Stereo types

When some people hear that you are a taxidermist they usually go yuck,that’s sick and that all thanks to the nitwits from Disney that stereo type them as old creeping guys that work in a dim lit basement. People that think like that must get out of thier “box” realize that the world does not rotate around them and there is a big world out there. Taxidermist, well some of them are very talented artist that works with a lot of different mediums,create works of art with great variety of scenes,great businessmen,and very professional . Want an example just visit to see a professional business. People think the same when they hear you are hunter,trapper , stereo typing again . They think you are killing poor little Bambi where in the real world they are controlling a huge variety of diseases,over population , stopping the spread of ticks, helping the economy and so on. They help to stock the meat for the hungry too. Like I said,do not complain about one until you walk in thier shoes– in other words, think about more than yourself, it’s a big world out there, so educate yourself and see it for what it is…..


Completion or turnaround ,same thing. Most studios have a turnaround of 1year max. Some others go to 2 or yrs. The studios that offer 3month turnaround own their own tannery and thats good for them but in the real world , it takes time for the tanners to do their job, the faster they do their job, the more screw ups that they do, so I like them to take their sweet old time and most of the time,all ends well. Next the taxidermist must work all the items into a schedule,( if they only have one or two clients, then you will have your trophy in no time but most studios have hundreds of trophies to do)one doesn’t just grab a tanned skin and goes to work on it. They must be sweated for a day or more . And then the parts must be ordered or made and that takes time. Then the form must to altered to fit the skin and the wishes of the clients. For birds, fish, reptiles one puts them up to dry and then will be finished when they are worked into the schedule. Here at Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC completion time is up to 1 yr max(most all done within 8 mounts but I say that just in case the tanners are slow) for tanned mounts, 6 to 8 months for fish, birds, etc.. It takes time to create art so be patience and you will be very satisfied . If you are good than you are always busy and that great job security……


You can tell a lot by the way the website is designed on how professional the taxidermy studio is. If you go to you will find a very professional site. I designed he site and had a pro put it up, it has everything you need to see what the taxidermist can do for you, it has sound,gallery slide show,shipping info,sale page,link page that has many hunting and fishing links(most do not have this and what a stupid mistake,it’s free and it ranks you on the search engines), shows the studio and the artist, very professional. Most site that I see are one or two pages (it cost the same to host one page than to have eight pages) and have some lame color for the background with very limited graphics on it. If I was a client looking for a taxidermist and hit one of those sites,it would back to the search engine. About 78 percent of studios do not have a site. They must not believe in the power of the web and they only want local work and that’s fine. Here at Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC we are very professional and that shows in every piece of work that is created here and the site showcases it and when the client calls they will hear what they want to hear after aski g their questions. So when searching for a taxidermist, search for professionalism , experience, rates to a degree, and on what the site looks like. Then call them and talk to them and see if they are what they are…


When you bring it a item to the taxidermist you must pick out a way you want the item done. Here at Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC I try to tell the client to use their imagination. Go online and look up images on the search engines,web sites like etc.I like action, mounts in action by the way of running,chasing,hunting,anyway but just standing there. The client is going to look at this mount ,hopefully for many years to come and I would like to look at a mount doing something other than just looking out into space. A mount in action will please many more people also other than just yourself too. I also like other items in the scene too.For an example would be having a bear leaning up against a skull with a large rack of horns,looking down at a old kill site and having a couple of weasels or marten running away or hiding behind something looking up at the bear. Or another I just completed was a steenbok running on a grassed,level area with a jackel chasing it for a wall mount. Think of anything and if you can put it in my mind then it will be done. This is not the time to get cheap either,think about it and our taxidermist will make up some ideas for you to think of also. Use your imagination and you will be happy you did for many years..


When bring in work to a taxidermist people will always ask for a discount if they have more than one. Here at Capps’s Taxidermy Studio LLC — –I do hear that and I always tell them I do give discounts but only if you bring in 15 items or more in one years time. Reasons for no discounts are quite simple,I do not get any discounts from the tanneries,the suppliers,shippers,power co.,etc..And from past experiences, a large precent of the people (not all) that ask for them will take quite awhile to put down a deposit and longer to pay when completed. So I ask this, do you work for free, I don’t. I have this great older fish guide that brings in quite a few items every year and I mounted a fish for him personally and was just going to give it to him for nothing, just a way of saying thanks and he said something that I will always remember , he said do you work for free for I surely do not and I put that to my business plan. Like I wrote, I do give a discount to some with lots of work but it’s very minimum cuz I don’t work for free.