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African,north,south American wildlife taxidermy art and sculptures

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Archive for August, 2012

Other types of mounts

The different types of animals that are not harvested for a score of the rack or the skull can be the most beautiful mount of them all. I do a lot of those types of like a gopher,porky,carp,or even a giraffe. Take for an example the common type of carp are very stunning in colors and the memories of bow fishing for them is so great that they make a great looking mount. But before one can do these types of mount one must have a open mind and not a closed mind. Most people that see those types of mount and are from the area that has those types of animals and take them for grated and wonder who would ever mount that type of animaL. Simple, one that doesn’t have a closed mind. I, at Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC recently finished another pedestal giraffe with trees and habitat all around it on a oak base and they are -in opinion- are the most beautiful mount one can ever have, if you have the ceilings for one. But some can not see the trees for the forest. Mount anything you have the most fun and the best memories of and proudly display it and never listen to the poor type of people that will never have a open mind.

Do something

Its time to fish, hunt internationally,bowfish, hike into some mtn lakes,shoot cans, anything. Do something people. You will live longer if you get out and do something with the family,friends etc..Summer will soon be over and it will be time for winter so go enjoy the summer.That is why I have not wrote on the blog this summ,way too many things going on .If you harvest something good, call or visit Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC.