Capp's Taxidermy Studio

African,north,south American wildlife taxidermy art and sculptures

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Archive for November, 2012


I hear that the” big shops” say that if another studio does not charge high rates like themself  then they are not a quality studio. Boy are they wrong, sure that is most of the case but there are exceptions, like my studio. Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC is very professional and experienced. At this studio I have much lower rates then most shops and that’s cuz of Montana’s economy and lower overhead–nothing else!!!!!!! Most shops are located in populated areas and have more population in their city than Montana has in the whole state. I only use the best national tanneries, .the best materials and the best mannikin’s that I think have the best anatomy. I’m contently re sculpting the forms to match the measurements of the hides, to place in the details of the muscles that are working for that pose,age,in all shoulder mounts,heads of the rugs,fish,or the life mounts and to what the client wants. Original dosen’t cut it here . Here at Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC we do not cut corners on quality. Our work would go toe to toe with the big shops any day. We use the best and have the experience . This full time studio has been in the business for 33 yrs, have done lots and lots of the worlds animals many times over and over 50 yrs in the field experience is very valuable. Here in Montana i’m spoiled for I can go look at wildlife anytime I need to,drive 5 minutes and i’m looking at elk or bighorn sheep or another example is that I have been running hounds for decades and have treed lots of lions,bobs,coons and even lynx when legal to do so. When I sculpt the mannikin’s or for the bronzes,I can think of all of the anatomy in my mind and transfer it to the mediums-clay , foam, etc..That’s experience and that’s what you get when you hire Capp’s. I guess I’m pretty opinionated but I’m very passionated about creating. I just love to watch an project come to life and I love to recreate action, making the project in motion by running,fighting,hunting,etc.

So how can I charge alower rate, its cuz of where I live, lower bills, lower taxes and Montana has no sales tax and knowing things that only come with experience .So you cannot judge this taxidermy studio by the low rates,would I like to get the major rates that the big shops  get, hell yes but in my Montana economy I would never get it , I would get some in state clients and some of the out of state client that really support this studio but I think in time I would go out of business. So do not judge  on price, judge on the work and the experience. So when the “big shops” say they are the best, some maybe but way over prices…Check out Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC  you will not be sorry, you get what you pay for and here it’s a lot more……………………..

Professional Studio

Here at Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC we pride our self on being totally professional in all aspects. We are the only studio in this part that do all services under one roof. All mounts,rugs,skulls,fish,birds,wood work,horn work–NO contracting work out.!! We do all except for the tanning. I use 7 different tanneries,why, cuz I do not like to keep all my eggs in one basket but one tannery dose a great job on international but not so good on furs or one is great on furs but suck at elk,etc. To be one of my tanneries you must be professional,must have low prep time,great luster on the hair,great turnaround and mainly it must have great stretch. We also own our own colonies of beetles for cleaning the skulls. Sure you can boil your own skulls but what that dose is boil the grease into the bone,and you can not get every piece of meat on the skull but some say that’s OK, it’s only mine and it looks great.But the real truth is the beetles eat everything,hell if you don’t cover the horns on sheep,antelope,etc. they will eat them too.The sinus are left intact where when boiling,they will have to come out and leaving a empty cavity.Its like if something is wrong with you and you need to see a doctor,do you go with a crappy one or do you go with a good one. Here at Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC we prep the skull,freeze them to kill anything that is on them,place them in the colony,remove them after all is cleaned off it, degrease them for days to weeks-depending on the type of game,place them in the whiting compound-not painting the stuff on it but submersing them,remove and dry, seal and ready for the client. We receive the international shipment, we make the hardwood bases,pedestals,etc.Get  a MAJOR discount for shipping the crates out to you. We can also update the clients with pic’s of the work through your email if wanted. Custom sculpture the forms. Hell I’m now doing sculpture’s made out of bronze but that will be another post.     All I can say is that this studio does it all and for great rates,why, cuz I have lower overhead.. We think of the client all the way. Try us out, you will not be sorry……..


The Politics of hunting

Politics are everywhere. Here in Montana , they are controlling the Fish &Game dept. and under the current administration they have totally screwed up the animal populations. They live in a fantasy world when it comes to counting the game numbers. They fly in the spring/winter parts of the months but never use ground cover to count the numbers and then they add in a number for the ones they never seen. Take for example the bighorn sheep in the western part of the state. They never go a field to count, they count from the roads and they don’t get the real numbers and so they overpopulate and then the main 3 herds of sheep all got sick and they lost over 80% of the herds ,why,cuz they all play the politic game. In this part of Montana they have screwed up and now we do not have any more hunting areas for moose,sheep and mt goat and no one holds them accountable. They blame the wolves and sure,they hold a little of the blame-not just wolves but all predators–but the truth is that the politics of mt fish and &game is the real problem . The biologists do the work and then sent the info to the main guy in Helena and then they decide if the numbers are real or not and then they make the decision on the numbers to hunt. Some of the biologist’s are from out side of this state and just don’t understand the game. If the numbers are down-which is their fault- they will close an area ,even if they have a small,hunt able numbers. It’s like Africa, if there is no hunting allowed,the game all suffer from poaching,etc.. but if there is hunting,the villages all get the meat,a % of the trophy fees,jobs from the hunting camps and the economy go up in those areas but no matter what you tell these people,they just do not listen and who suffers, the business,like Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC, the people that work with the wildlife and finally, the game suffer.They are a bullet/hook club which means that they must harvest game with the sportsmen to stay in business but some still don’t get it. There is so many ways that they can improve everything but they don’t listen . So the out of state hunters are not coming here it hunt and why should they. Now, for the last 2 years the out-of-state licenses are not selling out and in the next session they will be trimming the fat and I can only hope they lose the fat and learn to listen to the sportsmen that pay their way. We can only HOPE that the new administration wakes up and does it right……………………………..