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African,north,south American wildlife taxidermy art and sculptures

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Archive for December, 2012

Happy Holiday

Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC would like to wish everyone that reads my blog a happy holiday. Sit back and enjoy the family, friends and everything that makes you happy. If your in snow like myself or on a warm sunny beach (lucky dog) or in the middle somewhere. HAVE A GREAT ONE…………………………


How to ship your trophies to Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC. It all depends on what we are shipping to Capp’s. On big game ,like elk,deer,etc then you will have to skin out the head and remove the antlers. You then can freeze the cape and ship it by next day air–always on a Monday. Or you can roughly skin it and salt the holy crap out of it and place in a wax box or a cooler and ship it by next day air. Or you can bring it to a taxidermist or someone that knows how to skin out the head and turn the ears,etc and salt and dry it and then you can ship it by UPS or USPS for it will not spoil. If you are flying out of a area like Alaska with bear,caribou,etc you can just skin the head out in the bush and then roughly salt it and let it drain for a couple days and then place in a waxed fish box and just claim it as baggage on the flight out. The rack must be shipped with the skull cape cut in half and the 2 sides duct tape together and the skull cape wrapped in plastic and claimed as baggage, if needed you can always mail your clothes down to you so you do not have to many bags to claim. If you go hunting internationally, then you must 1st get hold of Capp’s and I will give you a hunting packet with P.O.A. papers,shipping tags,custom papers,etc. so you can have your trophies shipped in to the USA through a customs port and if you harvest any swine or primates, then into a USDA tannery –sorry, you can not shoot them and then come home with them, it usually takes 3 to 10 months to get them into the US. For almost all shipments, you want to ship by next day or 3rd day air if they are frozen or salted,regular mail if its dry salted and through customs if it’s international. The best is to call or email if you are going on a trip and I will tell you all you need to know….go hunting……………

Why Taxidermy

Why do we have any item taxidermy. Some would say its for the bragging rights or to inflate their ego.And some do that but the main reason to have your item taxidermy is for the memories, yours and the people, if any with you. I can look at my personal trophies and I remember the hunt,weather,time of year, the work to get the meat, trophy out and all the sweat that goes with it. Same goes for my children trophies cuz I was there and I also remember their enjoyment of harvesting that trophy with  dad. I had a grumpy old lady once ask what was I going to do with all my trophies I have in my showroom when I die, I looked at her( the only reason she graced my studio with her persist was her husband was picking up a life trophy)  and said I’m dead, I don’t care what my family does with them, they are my memories so hopefully the family will sell some but some they will stay in my family. So people just don’t get it and that sad. A mount haves a lot more zip than some floral design, scene picture or whatever they would have on their wall. True, some mounts have a lot to be desired but if you have great taxidermist like Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC then you have a work of art and if you use your imagination and really put in some habitat, maybe a pedestal and have the game have attitude then it will look great to all but only if all has a open mind and not a closed one like some have. Taxidermy is art. A great studio like Capp’s  custom sculpts the mannikin’s for all the details for a action mount and then custom builds the bases to add the mount and the habitat on. Not all taxidermist are created equal, everyone has a different style. So next time you harvest a item,fish,bird,game,etc. and it has a lot of memories, bring it in to a taxidermy studio like Capp’s and have to done to save the memories and display it proudly……………………………


Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC has now expanded the business to include Don’s sculptures. Don has been doing taxidermy for over 41 yrs and has been sculpting mannikin’s for that long. When you hire Capp’s, you can decide on how ever you want you mount to be and if it does not exist, Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC will make it for you and that is want gives Don the edge on sculpting , you must use your imagination. What I have been sculpting is what intrigues me the most and so far that has been the game animals of Africa.I have tons of experience is all of the animals of the world from doing taxidermy on most of them. You just let your mind do all the work. I have a rhino as the brand symbol of Capp’s so that has been the 1st sculpture that I have done,a bust and then it was a small life one of a rhino too. And so on its been leopards,elephants,etc..they are all detailed up and if its a life one,its in action. Its like life mounts,i like to see action in them instead of just standing there looking out into space. The main mediums that I use are clay and for the most detailed parts I like to use a special blend of wax. Sculpting on this scale just can be addicting for there is nothing you cannot create–the world is yours. You will have to check out the new page that will be coming up in the near future with some of the clay models,bronzes and then a sale page for them and also the business name it will be under.. Then when the studio is at a sports show,you can view some of them up. If anyone wants a special made piece,just email us for more details.Enjoy………..