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Archive for January, 2013

Booking A Hunt

So, you have decided to finally to get out of dodge and go have an adventure by booking a hunt. So now you must decide on where you want to go. Is it going to be somewhere close or going international. Is it going to be a single species hunt or multiple species. What weapon are you going to use. Is it just you or is a buddy going with you. how long is this adventure going to be.

After deciding on the above, its time to find the right hunt and the outfitter. There are many ways to do this, one can search the web,go to sports show like SCI, RMEF,the local show,you can visit the pro’s like Cabela’s,etc and or the pro’s like Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC for the taxidermist hear who is good and who is not plus they are always doing work with clients that were successful with outfitters.

If you go to the shows,you can talk to the outfits face to face and see if they have a show special and or if they have a hunt up for auction for you to bid on.

The next action you must take is now get the outfitters references and email and call them and ask them all the questions you would like to know about them,the game, etc.–there are too many questions to ask and not that much space here so contact me and I will give you the must ask questions to.                                                                                                                                     You want the outfit to be very professional. So do your homework and find out everything you can find out about them before you book.

So now you booked a hunt and now what do you do. Just a hold of a travel outfit and have them book you airline,your meet and greet with gun permits-for international hunts-and the hotels for before and after the trip.

Now you must decide on what you are going to do with your trophy or trophies before they hit the ground. Just a skull mount or a shoulder mount,maybe a rug or a life size mount. So your next step is to contact a professional taxidermist like Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC for you have invested a lot of money and time for this hunt and you do not want to bring them home for the guy that does it part time and out of his garage, trust only true professionals that taxidermy art is all they do. Contact Capp’s and we will answer all your questions, will send you out a international hunting package with custom brokers info with POA papers,USDA info, tips,rate lists, laminated shipping tags for your trophies,etc..

Its great that you have a open mind and want to explore the hunting world. I, myself love to talk and work for clients that have a open mind and love to hunt and hunt everything, not just turkey and deer. Go explore the world and live….Good luck hunting………………

Show Time

It’s show time. Get out of dodge and head to one of many hunting show that are all over the country.Most will just go to see old friends and walk through the area . Some will buy items hooked to hunting  like taxidermy , where you will stop at the booth and look over their mounts and if interested, you will start to talk to them , like Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC.    Stop by and say hi if you ran across my booth.. Most are going to the shows for hunt/fishing trips. Some will buy them from the outfitter and some will buy them from the auctions. The best is to do the research on the printed material and circle the one you are interested in the auctions . Then go to the booth and talk to the outfit about the trip , get some references and start to call them to ask the many questions about their hunt and then go to the auction and start to bid on it. If it goes too high,you can start on the next trip you want and did the research on and if all go too high, you can always go to the outfit and most have a show specials and it should work in your favor. I once got a client a new Zealand hunt for a gold metal stag for 6k and he did harvest a 390 bull and had the time of his life.  The shows can be overwhelming, esp with African trips so you just must be picky and always do the research to be safe. Then hit the travel booths and see what the airfare would be to go to the area. At my booth, I always donate work for life mounts,pedestal mount,sculptures or wooden cases and then they sell them at auction or silent auction but 1st they are at my booth for people to see. The main thing is to explore and have fun. So if you go, have fun and always think ahead..Good luck………………

What makes a Great cleint

What makes a great client. that is a great question. The main thing is that he or she must have a open mind and not a closed,small minded mind. That means that they have to be open to ideas,know what they want in life and will settle for nothing else. They live to have adventures, to travel and not just wishing they were someone else. They come into a taxidermy shop like Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC and will use the taxidermist imagination, will never complain about the rates, will always want to be informed about the process, will never be calling or emailing saying is it done yet-over and over. They will understand that great taxidermy takes time and that they are not the only client that taxidermy studio like Capp’s has . They always put down a down payment  at the get go and always pays when completed. Will contact the taxidermist from time to time to talk shop–hunting , fishing, etc.. And always have a like mind like the taxidermist who like to hunt, and do adventures. I ,myself love to talk to clients that like to do what I like to do and love to talk to advertureous  clients that travel the states or world and listen to their adventures and of course also bring their trophies back to Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC.  Will never be lazy. Will always want to be going somewhere to hunt and never be like most and say , when I win the lottery, I will go–( they will never go anywhere in life for they are never going to win the lottery-if they do, they will be broke within  yrs–and you can never have that attitude, you make your own luck by doing and not by wishing.) So when you bring in trophies to the taxidermy studio, remember to be professional ,and think about what the taxidermist has on the line–only if they are professional taxidermists and that means that their only income is taxidermy and nothing else . So only use professional studios and not the one that has a day job and works out of their basement or garage. Be professional at all times.  Have fun and think out side of the box…………………

Selling the mounts

So you find your self short of money or you inherited some mounts and you don’t want them or you want to upgrade and sell a older mount to pay for a new one, well here are some tips. If the mount is a special draw animal like a moose,sheep,mt goat then you will find a buyer soon and should get a good price, if its a deer or elk or something average that you can buy the tag over the counter then its going to be a lot tougher. The big thing here is “finding the buyer”. We can all sell something if we can only find the buyer. If you are selling normal game then most buyers are only buying it for the horns,head gear so if its big and makes book then we can ask for some money but if its only your memories and small head gear than you will be lucky to move it at all. African, Asian or the rest of the world trophies, it takes big head gear or very large predator to get a price for it. There is a blue book, so to speak, on mounts but most of them are insurance programs  but it will give you a good idea of what they are worth. If they have any CITIES permits-like elephant,rhino,leopard,etc then you must 1st get permission from the USFG for a permit to sell them and then they can only be sold in that state only and if you don’t have any papers on the mount then you can not sell it,legally. Vintage mounts are old and do not even looks like the animal so they are only valved after their head gear.

The best place to start is were  the out of state person is to visit on visiting your state or where they are buying property for before the economy went south,everyone coming here to build wanted a moose or buffalo hanging over their fireplace so look at realtors, and then go  with interior designers by calling them or emailing pic’s of the mounts with a normal rate so you have room to dicker. There are some sites on the web to sell but I would stay off sites like eBay unless you are not asking much for it . Professional Studios like Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC would be able to offer where to sell in that area or other ideas. The newer the mount is, the better to sell and are done up by professional taxidermist like Capp’s then its a plus for then they are build to last and are correct anatomy. Like I said at the 1st part, if its a book animal with big head gear–predators cannot be put in this catagory for the book item is the skull,not the mount. And if its a special or CITIES animal then they are worth some big money but only if you can find the buyer.

If anyone has other ideas that work on where to sell,let me know……Good Luck…………