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Archive for December, 2013


You have now harvested a great trophy and you know that you want to do a shoulder mount but you would like to do something with the rest of the hide.

There are numerous  things that can be done with the back half of the hides, the feet and the tail.

For the back skins,you will have to tan them and for examples , you could made rugs as is or with two colors of felt sewn to them or add in other colors of hides and you can make a wild looking rug.

The skins can also be made into custom made furniture. A chair made out of your kudu or zebra or whatever would ready standout in any room.

One can also have pillows made out of the skins ,which are very nice for any room of your home.

If you are doing a pedestal mount on a panel base , one can replace a wood panel with the hides , which are very nice looking.

Leather can be made out of the extra hides. Done in a variety of colors. Once completed the leather can be made into garments, drink coasters, hats,etc, etc…

The feet can be made into lamps, tables, stools, etc and as for the tails off some AFrican game, they make jewerly,dusters,etc.

Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC can do almost all of your accessories. If you have no idea on what can be done, just ask the taxidermist or my designer.   Have all your trophies taken care of under one roof By the professionals.!!

The accessories you can do is only limited to your thoughts….

Happy holidays

Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC  would like to wish everyone a great holiday  .

Capp’s always have items up for sale that are not on the web site,  which are hides, furs, horns, skulls, and all types of mounts that all already done or can be custom done.

For one of the most professional studio in the world, we take care of our clients needs– from shipping to clearing international  shipments to custom made work of art.

Have a great time.